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We design recruitment processes, which bring the the essence of the company that wants to increase its talent team, escaping the stereotype of traditional tests and group dynamics, making them more attractive and exciting.

Our services

Gamified online phase

We create assessments with interactive and personalized content, engaging each participant in taking all tests of your selection process.

Contextualized questions

Teaching about your company is also essential to attract future talent, so we create tests based on your company's business model and history.

Face-to-face dynamics

Personalized activities related to the company's profile collaborate with the assessment of talents and the way each candidate behaves in a collective environment.

Easy tools

Just one click and it is possible to carry out tests and group dynamics. Replace pens and paper to optimize your time evaluating future talent with agile and unique tools.

Ambev - Jornada Além Dos Rótulos

gamificação, processo seletivo

Os processos seletivos da Ambev conseguiram reunir candidatos do Brasil e de vários países da América Latina, e inovaram as dinâmicas de grupo online. Os cases foram divididos nas áreas de Business, Tech e Supply.

Buscando ser Trainee

manager's app, personalized dynamics, pwd

A platform created for the trainee selection process at Itaú Unibanco Bank. It was possible to carry out different tests of logical reasoning and language proficiency tests, in an accessible and simple way.

Braskem Game

braskem, gamificação, rpg

Através de um RPG, os candidatos puderam customizar avatar, jogar, enfrentar desafios, e conhecer melhor a Braskem de forma lúdica. Braskem Game surgiu como uma nova opção para processos seletivos. 

Jornada BRF

gamificação, processo seletivo

Processo seletivo online para trainees. Com uma proposta de linguagem de redes sociais, os candidatos participaram de vários tipos de desafios, enquanto aprendiam mais sobre o orgulho de ser BRF.

Unilever - Stories Game

gamificação, processo seletivo

Os candidatos conheceram um pouco da Unilever sem sair de casa. O Live Garagem, Afrolever, desafios de lógica e tomadas de decisão fizeram parte dos desafios. Um pedacinho da Unilever em forma de gamificação.

Experiência ZX

app, gamificação, processo seletivo, zx ventures

Para o processo seletivo da ZX Ventures, os candidatos tiveram que aprender sobre a produção de cerveja, entender sobre o mercado de bebida, e conhecer uma cervejaria sem sair de casa.

Trainee Connect

gamification, manager's app, personalized dynamics

Nestlé selection process, divided into two phases: individual online, using gamified tests; and in-person, applying a group dynamic with the NESCITY game.

Jovens Engenheiros Suzano

digital transformation, manager's app, personalized dynamics

An online and in-person selection process of hiring engineers for Suzano Papel e Celulose, with group dynamics involving virtual reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies.

Braskem Stories

gamification, manager's app, personalized dynamics

Through the language of social networks, internship candidates participated in tests and games, while learning more about Braskem's culture and business model.

EBANX Young Talent

customized dynamics, gamification

A selection process for one of the largest payment processors in Latin America. Using an application, the participant answered tests and had access to exclusive content of the company.

Challenge Cielo

app, gamification, internship

App created for the recruitment of trainees and interns for Cielo, one of the largest payment gateways in the Latin America.

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