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There's an opportunity at Kolab! 💜
We are looking for someone talented to work on Content for Quizzes and learning trails. This person will create and develop interactive learning experiences that meet the needs of our diverse customers. If you are a professional who loves challenges and has a passion for creating innovative content, this position is for you! 🚀

What you will do here

  • Create interactive content for games and gamified products (tests, learning trails, materials and knowledge pills) aligned with customer needs
  • Create assessments that effectively measure users' understanding of content, ensuring experience effectiveness
  • Study the scenario proposed by the client and develop realistic case studies that allow employees to apply concepts learned in real-world situations.
  • Ensure that the content created is aligned with the objectives and better engagement experiences
  • Ensure that the contents are clear, objective and appropriate to the target audience, ensuring maximum employee engagement.
  • Monitor the performance and effectiveness of the content created, performing analyzes and adjustments as necessary.
  • Collaborate in an interdisciplinary way, contributing to the improvement of our products
  • Participate in meetings with different clients for alignment
  • Stay up-to-date on best corporate education practices and market trends.


  • Degree in Pedagogy, Psychology, Advertising, Human Resources or related areas.
  • Work experiences in designing educational and evaluative solutions (elaboration of tests, learning trails, creation of cases, etc.)
  • Be able to ensure clarity, objectivity and maximum employee engagement
  • Knowledge in learning methodologies, instructional design and performance evaluation.
  • Excellent planning skills, structuring objectives with a focus on experiences
  • Writing and communication skills, with command of the
  • Portuguese language
  • Ability to adapt content for different formats and audiences.
  • Ability to work in a multidisciplinary team, collaborating with different areas to achieve common goals and improve our products
  • Organization and ability to meet deadlines
  • English skills for reading and writing

Key differentiators

  • Present a portfolio with examples of interactive content created
  • Knowledge in gamification, including the development of game mechanics, reward systems, and interactive elements.
  • Storytelling skills
  • Experience in educational solutions for various sector


🏆 We were certified by Great Places to Work as one of the 10 best companies in São Paulo to work for and we are expanding and looking for people who want to grow and build our products together with a creative and innovative team.


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Team recognition
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Goal transparency
Constant learning
Intense growth
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Who we are

About PushStart

We are an innovative interactive content agency and studio, working from the creation to the implementation of exciting projects. Always looking for state-of-the-art technologies! We are a recent studio but in constant growth. Working with big partners from all over the world, creating content to engage, entertain and teach children and adults.


Technology, creativity, design and studio


PushStart was founded in 2014


Technology, creativity, design and studio

Head Office

São Paulo, Brasil

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