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Who can apply:

Everyone who works in or wishes to work in technology.

After applying, your profile will be reviewed and directed to the position we are recruiting for if it meets the requirements.

What you will do here

Do not forget to attach your LinkedIn, GitHub, Behance, portfolio, etc.


If I apply, will I automatically participate in a selection process?

Everyone who applies will have their profiles reviewed by our recruitment team. If your profile aligns with the open opportunities, we will get in touch.

Key differentiators

💡 Who we are: We are an HR startup focused on the creation and development of interactive products. We create unique and engaging experiences for both companies and candidates, and we work with major companies, always seeking the best technology and the latest innovations!


 🏆 We have been certified by Great Places to Work as one of the top 10 companies to work for in São Paulo, and we are expanding and looking for people who want to grow and build our products alongside a creative and innovative team.

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Why work at PushStart?

Team recognition
Freedom to contribute
Goal transparency
Constant learning
Intense growth
Informal wear
Casual atmosphere

Who we are

About PushStart

We are an innovative interactive content agency and studio, working from the creation to the implementation of exciting projects. Always looking for state-of-the-art technologies! We are a recent studio but in constant growth. Working with big partners from all over the world, creating content to engage, entertain and teach children and adults.


Technology, creativity, design and studio


PushStart was founded in 2014


Technology, creativity, design and studio

Head Office

São Paulo, Brasil

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