Fascinating experiences
for your kolaborators

Digital, interactive and personalized content
for your employer branding

Solutions for

Selection Process

Using empowering platforms, we create tests with interactive and personalized content, so your selection process can engage and fascinate every participant.

Solutions for

Employer Branding

Compartilhar sua cultura empresarial também é essencial para atrair futuros talentos e retê-los. Por isso, criamos jornadas baseadas nas histórias e modelo de negócios da sua empresa.

Sharing your company's culture is essential to atract new talents and retain the current ones. That's why we create journeys based on your company's stories and business model.

Solutions for

Onboarding and DHO

We offer a unique experience that guides your employees about the company's universe, in addition to training and team integration, expanding the organizational culture throughout the employees' journey.

Our Differential

Gamification & Innovation

We love gamification. The key point on our solutions is the relationship between games and our constant seeking for innovation in our experiences.

Personalized experiences

In each Kolab solution, we offer experiences with your “company's soul“. Everything is created to offer an immersive interaction with the represented universe.

Design coupled with Technology

Here, Design and Technology walk together to enhance the presented experiencies. Processes and tools crafted to offer precise solutions.

Humanizating Processes

Our solutions are digital, amplifying the scale of human relationships in each step of any process, engaging people with your company.

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